There are a few reasons why your stats might show as £0 on the WOW TRK Chrome extension.

Below we have listed a few of the most common reasons why your stats might be showing as £0 on the Chrome extension.

1)  Have you earned any commision?
Make sure you check your account to ensure you have earned commission in one of the periods that shows on the Chrome extension (Today, Yesterday, This Month, Last Month). If you have then take a look at other possible reasons.

2) Have you configured the extension?
When you first install the extension make sure to fill in the extension settings that appear. If you forgot to do this simply right click on the WOW TRK icon in the Chrome bar and click 'Options' then configure the extension.

3) Did you enter your API incorrectly?
When configuring the extension did you enter your API key incorreclty from your account. You can find your API key by logging into your account and under the 'Tools' menu click on 'APIs'. Ensure you copy and paste this correctly otherwise this will cause the plugin not to work.