As an Advertiser on WOW TRK all conversions to your offer are tracked in real time on the WOW TRK platform.

When setting up your offer on WOW TRK we will work with you to find the best way to track your offer on WOW TRK.

As of September 2018 pixel tracking will no longer work in the Safari web browser, whilst pixel tracking is still the easiest form of tracking to setup we recommend if possible to use server postback tracking. 

Below are the different options we have available for Advertisers:

iFrame Pixel (Setup: Easy)
The most common and easiest methods to track conversions with. An offer conversion pixel is already setup to grab a session transaction ID from the cookie placed in the user’s browser, so all that is needed on setup is to place the small piece of code we provide you on the conversion page (thank you page after a purchase/lead, etc.) And tracking will take effect automatically, its as easy as copy and paste.

Image Pixel (Setup: Easy)
Image pixels are similar in nature to the Iframe pixel in that they use cookies to store and retrieve session data to know who to attribute conversions to. Image pixels are a more legacy tracking option, and are designed to be more accommodating with older tracking systems where placing image pixels is ideal.

Server Postback (Setup: Advanced) Recommended
As the main alternative to tracking using cookies and pixels, the server postback option means we pass our unique session transaction ID to your website URL/landing page URL, where you can catch and store the value on your system and pass it along to the conversion page on the server-side of the website, and not in the user’s browser. Then on the conversion page you pass the ID back to us informed our server that the conversion has been completed.