There are many reasons why we may reject your affiliate application to join the WOW TRK network. We do take all affiliate applications very seriously, we do this because we want to ensure that only genuine affiliates are accepted on to the network. This enables us to have quality Advertisers, Offers and Payouts meaning the experience is better for both our Advertisers and Affiliates.

That being said it is hard for us to sometimes tell a genuine affiliate from an affiliate that is trying to sign up to the network to commit fraud.

There are several reasons why you application may have been rejected:
  • You didn't verify your phone number when signing up.
  • You didn't provide detailed Promotional Information, do you think you provided enough detail? If not please email us to let us know more about how you will promote offers.
  • Some of the information on your application was flagged as invalid or at high risk for fraudulent activity. If you believe this to be the reason, you should provide a proof of address or company registration certificate and/or a reference from another affiliate network.

If you feel your application was incorrectly rejected please email our team with detailed information about how you plan to promote offers and if possible potential contact details of another network you can provide as a reference.

Please do not make another application if you were rejected, this next application will simply be rejected and we are then less likely to approve any application on the network.

Note that there is no guarantee we will reconsider or approve your application when you email us.