Unfortunately we can't approve every affiliate offer/program that advertisers may create on the WOW TRK platform. This is because unlike some networks we don't charge any setup fee, so we have to consider if we feel the affiliate program will perform well enough on WOW TRK to warrant the administration burden from our team on boarding an advertiser and setting up the advertiser's campaign.

If your advertiser offer was rejected on the platform, below are a few reasons why the offer may have been rejected and what you can look at changing before attempting to create an advertiser campaign on WOW TRK again:

  • Payout too low - The payout may not be competitive enough.
  • Too Niche - The products or service you are selling is too niche or not a niche we focus on, you can see the types of offers that we do run here.
  • Not our target markets - We mostly focus on the following markets; UK, IE, AU, NZ, CA and SG. If your offer doesn't allow traffic in one of these markets we might choose to reject it.
  • Website not professional - For example you might take payments but your site isn't using SSL. The site isn't responsive (e.g. it doesn't work across desktop, mobile etc). The design of the site is low quality.
  • Not your own website/campaign - If the URL goes via another network or we believe you are not the agency of record for the website the offer may be rejected.
  • Compliance issues - We may have noticed some easy to spot compliance issues for example not having a Privacy Policy when you collect Personal Data.
  • Advertiser details invalid - Whilst not specifically about your offer you may have provided an invalid company name, company number or address. Providing false details will cause us to not accept any of your offers and potentially close your advertiser account.

Once you have worked through the list above and feel your offer now might be a good fit for the WOW TRK network, you can go ahead and login to your advertiser account and attempt to create a new offer on the platform for our team to review again.

If you have any questions or are unsure on any of the above points don't hesitate to contact us.