Once logged into your WOW TRK account, you have access to a huge range of offers to promote on your website, email list, PPC activity, social media and a number of other ways advertisers accept traffic. You can start earning money from your website traffic today!

Offers can be sorted by a range of filters, including but not limited too; country, category and payout. This makes it easy to find offers for your target market. Before following the guide below, please make sure you are logged into your account in another window.

Earning Commission

Take a look at our list of active offers on the network by simply hovering over ‘Offers’ in the left menu bar and then selecting 'All Offers'.

You can then look for offers you feel are relevant to your visitors/member base etc or simply offers you think will convert well. Using the filter tool at the top you can browse by category, country or setup an advanced search – we try to make it as easy as possible to find offers you think your traffic will be interested in.

After you find an offer you are interested in promoting simply click on the Offer Name to bring up all the details for that offer and the creatives for that offer (creatives are banner adverts, email templates, text links etc that you can use to promote the offer).

On the Offer Details page you can see clearly the payout for the offer. Most of our offers payout on a conversion (some might payout on a sale or click – these are pretty self explanatory!). For offers that for example payout £1 per conversion etc. There is a section called ‘Payable Action’ listed on all offers, this tells you what the visitor who goes on to the advertiser website has to do in order for you to get paid for that conversion.

The Offer Details page will also mention ‘Restrictions’ the offer may have, for example it might not allow email traffic or social media traffic. A basic description of the site will also be included on the Offer Details page.

If after reading through all the relevant offer information you want to promote the offer, towards the bottom of the page will be a list of all creatives you can use. Simply decide which one you would like to use.

Once you have found a creative you want to use simply click on ‘Get Code’ and then you can easily copy this code and paste it on your website, email platform, social or other traffic source to start generating commission!

You must use the code or tracking links provided on the platform in order for impressions and conversions to track within your account.

Tracking Your Commission

Once you have setup advertisements on your source(s) of traffic, WOW TRK will automatically start to track commission you earn to your individual account.

Click here to see a report of your earnings. If you click on ‘Report Summary’ on the Performance Report you can see the totals for the report you have loaded.

Note: Advertisers can reject transactions/conversions. Please see here for details on when an advertiser can reject conversions.

Getting Paid

All setup ready to start earning commission? Just one more important step, in order for us to pay you – we need your billing details.

In the left hand menu on your account screen, click on ‘My Account’ and from the list that appears click on ‘Billing’, once the page loads simply click on the ‘pencil’ icon to fill in your payment information. You can see a list of ways we currently pay affiliates here.

Useful Tools

We also have some extra little tools which are easy to setup and use to help you generate even more commission!

1) Banner Rotators – From your account simply click in the top menu on ‘Ad Campaign’ and ‘Manage Campaigns’ from here you will be able to grab banner rotators which you can simply copy and paste the code into your site.
These banner rotators update on the fly, optimise and geo-target.

2) WordPress Plugin – Easily insert our banner rotators into your WordPress website. You can also easily share your referral link on your site as well. Click here to download our WordPress plugin.

3) Refer Affiliates – Refer affiliates to WOW TRK and earn commission from them for life! Under ‘Tools’ click on ‘Refer Affiliates’. From here you can grab your referral link, banner ads and also social media buttons to quickly and easily share your referral link.

Looking for more tips and guides? Check out the ‘Tutorials’ category on the WOW TRK blog, click here.