WOW TRK uses the HasOffers tracking platform for all tracking on the network. HasOffers is well known in the industry for 99.9999% Tracking Up-time.

HasOffers utilizes Amazon Web Services EC2 to provide the ultimate level of reliability. Globally distributed Ad Servers prevent outages through globally load-balanced DNS. This prevents lost conversions due to server outages.

Globally load-balanced DNS detects the location of the user making the request to an ad server and directs the user to the ad server in the facility that can respond the quickest.

By handling a user’s request with ad servers that are located thousands of miles closer to them, latency is substantially reduced between the user and the ad servers. These globally distributed deployments make ad serving and tracking extremely fast and globally reliable.

Also at WOW TRK we use a third party company to manage our DNS instead of managing the DNS for our domains on our own server. This means even if appears down, this will not affect our tracking domains from reaching HasOffers and the platform.

Whilst our platform is powered by a market leading tracking system there are multiple factors which can cause an offer not to track on the network, from tracking codes being removed by the advertiser to using pixel tracking which is blocked by the Safari web browser (as of September 2018's update). If you have concerns about a specific offer not tracking we recommend you speak to your account manager who will be able to discuss your concerns.