Installing and setting up the WOW Trk Affiliate Ad plugin is extremely straight forward and easy to do. It only takes a couple of minutes.

1) Firstly login to your Wordpress website admin panel at

2) Once you have logged in go to Plugins -> Add New

3) On the Add Plugins page simply search 'WOW Trk' to find any of our Wordpress plugins. Once you find the plugin simply click 'Install Now'

4) After the plugin installs go to Settings -> WOW Trk on the left hand menu bar.

5) Once the WOW Trk Plugin settings page loads it will look something like this:

6) From this page simply enter your 'Affiliate ID' which you can find from within your WOW Trk account (login to your account here). Entering your Affiliate ID is required in order for the plugin to function correctly.

Then you have a list of additional settings you can configure to setup the plugin to suit your needs: 

Sub ID - You can choose to enter a Sub ID if you wish, this optional however if you are unsure what a Sub ID is you can simply skip this.

Banner Size - This lets you choose the size of banners you want to display on your website.

Banner Type - This defaults to Javascript but you can change this to iFrame if you prefer or if the Javascript is causing issues with your website.

Banner Alignment - You can choose to align this to the left, center or right.

Display At - This lets you display the Banner Ad below or above the content on your website.

Display On - Set the plugin to show the Ads on either Wordpress Pages or Posts, or even both.

Show Referral Link - You can choose to show underneath the Banner Ad a link that says 'Ads by WOW Trk' anyone that joins WOW Trk as an affiliate from this link you will earn 3% lifetime commission on any commission they earn.

Once you have configurd the plugin how you wish simply click 'Update Settings'