Since version 1.5 of the WOW TRK Ads Wordpress plugin you can use the Shortcode [wowtrk] to display a 468x60 banner ad wherever it is used.

Before this you could only insert ads via Widgets and above or below the content of Pages and Posts. The Shortcode gives you the flexibility to use WOW TRK Ads wherever you want (that support Shortcodes). This is really useful if you want to insert Ads in-between content, for example.

By default the Shortcode [wowtrk] displays a 468x60 banner however you can easily customise this to display different ad sizes and more.

To change the ad size displayed simply use group_id for example:
[wowtrk group_id="54"]

This will display a 728x90 banner.

Ad Group IDs (these are all displayed within Ad Groups Manager in your Affiliate account):
52 - 468x60
54 - 728x90
56 - 300x250
60 - 125x125

The Shortcode also supports custom Ad Groups, so you can create your own Ad Groups from within your WOW TRK affiliate account and then simply place the Group ID within the Shortcode.

Finally you can also further customise the Shortcode by showing "Ads by WOW TRK" if you want to display a notice that the banners are ads, this also uses your Affiliate referral link.

To display a 728x90 banner and display your referral link, you would use the following Shortcode:
[wowtrk group_id="54" referral="true"]