Yes! WOW TRK is a perfect way to monetise your blog.

You can monetise your blog either by placing banner ads on your blog for example in the sidebar of your content, above or below the content or even in-between content.

Another way is also to link to products or brands you mention in your blog posts. For example if you write a blog post about a TV show you might link to a competition to win the boxset of that TV show on DVD in the content, by mentioning the competition and linking the words to your unique affiliate link for the TV boxset campaign on WOW TRK.

Wordpress Plugin
WOW TRK has a free Wordpress plugin if you don't want to manage the banner ads you display on your site manually. You can also show an optional link "Ads by WOW TRK" this can automatically use your affiliate referral link so any affiliates you refer you will earn commission from as well.

Download the Wordpress plugin here.

More Information
Want to find out more about monetising your blog and how to set one up? Check out our detailed guide here.