We do support Pre-Pop on WOW Trk however you must be able to ignore certain variables if the Affiliate chooses not to use pre-pop.

We can not enforce Affiliates to use pre-pop, if they choose not to use it then we will pass variables to you that you need to ignore so that the sign up form does not include the pre-pop variables.

For example say your website URL looks something like this:

Your system needs to ignore the variables {name} and {email} as these will be included in the URL, if the Affiliate does not use Pre-Pop. If they are not ignored by your system before the page loads the fields will have the variable names in them e.g. {name} instead of the visitors name which may confuse the visitor when trying to sign up.

If the Affiliate uses Pre-Pop then its not a problem these will be replaced with the persons name and email.