As an affiliate on WOW TRK you are welcome to promote offers via social media so long as the specific offer allows this and you follow the requirements below. Along with WOW TRK's requirements listed below it is also important that you check and follow the guidelines of the social network you are posting on before posting ads and affiliate links.

Follow the Restrictions
You should read the offers Restrictions that will be shown on the offer listing within WOW TRK to ensure that you are complying with these when promoting via social media. The Restrictions may state that social media traffic is not allowed at all. You should also read the "Terms & Conditions" for the offer if there are any, these will be shown when you try to view the offer and you must agree to these before you can generate your tracking link.

Comply with the following Ad requirements
You must ensure when promoting via social media that you include with any social media posts: #ad. For example if you were going to post a message on social media saying: "Check out this offer to win the latest games console click here:". You should ensure this is amended to: "Check out this offer to win the latest games console click here: #ad". Along with this any other posts, comments you might make specifically promoting the offer should also include #ad.

If the promotion on social media is a sponsored advertisement for example shown on the right hand sidebar on Facebook where it is clearly an ad, there is no need to include #ad in the copy of the advertisement.